Title: Living Air Purifiers ? Cleaning Your Air?

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Living Air purifiers are expensive and emit ozone. Maybe they aren?t the best indoor air cleaners.

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Living Air purifiers are manufactured, along with other brands, such as Fresh Air, by Ecoquest, a company that strive to improve the quality of the living environment of families all over the world. And while this is undoubtedly a noble quest, many experts and consumers question the ability of Living Air purifiers to meet this task adequately.

Living Air purifiers take their place at the higher end of the indoor air cleaner market, costing as much as $700 for a single room clean air purifier. And while many consumer reviews rate Living Air purifiers highly, there is no escaping the fact that these indoor air cleaners contain a substance that an increasing number of experts claim is damaging to our health ? ozone.

While many consumers report improved air quality in their homes with the use of a Living Air purifier, even those who suffer with such debilitating conditions as asthma, an increasing number of experts are citing evidence that suggests that ozone can cause long-term damage to an individual?s lungs. So while a Living Air purifier might bring instant relief to allergy and asthma sufferers, there might well be a more far-reaching price to be paid with the use of these indoor air cleaners.

The more immediate effects that consumers have reported with the use of a Living Air purifier include a strong odor of ozone in the home, and persistent headaches. Some users find that these effects can be reduced by operating Living Air purifiers at a lower setting, and while this might eliminate the typical symptoms that an indoor air cleaner is introduced to combat, there remains the threat posed by ozone.

Though expensive, Living Air purifiers are generally reported as being effective in removing particles and dust from the air. But, by using ozone in their design, it is likely that these clean air purifiers are emitting something far more dangerous than the particles they eliminate.

Living Air purifiers are expensive and emit ozone. Maybe they aren?t the best indoor air cleaners.

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